The elite clubs benefit from all-day schools

The physical aspect is one of the points, where players benefit from cooperation between clubs and schools. 

By Anders Godtfred-Rasmussen and Stefan Sigaard Weichert.

The fitness room, where HSV Handball start their practice in the morning, is located less than 200 meters from the sport school, Alter Teichweg. Photo: Anders Godtfred-Rasmussen

In a residental area in the middle of Hamburg is the sport school Alter Teichweg located just beside pitches, pools and gyms. Every day, 1.200 student make their way to class through the narrow grey corridor – 230 of them are elite sport students.

Alter Teichweg is not special. This kind of elite school is normal in all major cities around Germany after the all-day school system was implemented about ten years ago.

The well known German Handball club, Hamburger Sports Verein Handball, is one of the clubs working with Alter Teichweg. The club has talent teams with players as young as nine to ten years old, and they believe the players benefit from this new kind of cooperation with schools.

Hear why in the video below, where we follow the Hamburger Sports Verein Handball under 18 youth team in fitness center.

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